My Birth Story

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is my birth story. I was overdued by 2 days, and thus mummy has to be induced.

10 Sept 07:
11:00pm - Mummy was admitted to Mt. Alvernia hospital for induction.
11:30pm - Mummy was sent to Delivery Suite 3A.
11:45pm - Dr. Adrian arrived. He burst mummy's water bag to start the labour.

11 Sept 07:
12:00am - Midwife put mummy on oxytoxin drip & monitor her contractions on CTG.
12:30am - I was struggling in mummy's womb, trying to find the emergency button to go out.
1:00am - Midwife informed Dr. Adrian that my heartbeat was irregular and fast.
2:00am - Midwife did VE check on mummy. She was only 1 - 2cm dilated.
2:30am - Considering my unstable heartbeat, midwife stopped the oxytoxin drip on mummy. Dr. Adrian rushed to the hospital immediately.
2:50am - Dr. Adrian arrived at hospital again! He told mummy to consider having emergency c-section to get me out.
3:00am - Mummy was pushed to Operating Theatre.
After 3:30am - I was born finally!

Picture of me at birth:

13 Sept 07:

12:00noon - Both mummy and myself are discharged from hospital today. We are happy to go back to our home sweet home.

This is me, sleeping in my cozy bed.....


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