DIY Flash Card #4: Occupations

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In my earlier post, I mentioned about sharing my DIY flash card files. A few mothers e-mailed me to express their interests in sharing the flash cards. I’m so delighted. Thanks all for your e-mails.

I’ve uploaded all the flash cards in Microsoft PowerPoint in Ripway. The download links have been added to my previous DIY Flash Card posts. The short-cuts have also been created at the right sidebar of this blog. If there is any broken links, please notify me via comments or e-mails.
If you are using A4 size blank flash cards, you can print one slide per page. For me, I'm using A5 blank flash cards. So, I print in handouts with two slides per page. Two slides will be printed on one A4 paper. Then I cut them into two and paste them onto A5 blank flash cards.

This is set #4 for occupations.

Title: Occupations
1. Doctor
2. Dentist
3. Police
4. Teacher
5. Scientist
6. Pilot
7. Singer
8. Pediatrician
9. Nurse
10. Soldier
11. Sailor
12. Barber

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