DIY Flash Card #3: Sesame Street Characters

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Edison’s attention span has improved tremendously. He is able to sit and listen attentively during our home practice. Last night, he amazed me with his initiative. He pulled my hands and walked into our room. Then, he opened the cabinet and pulled out the flash cards. I was so surprised!

I’m motivated to make more flash cards for him. Since he loves Elmo so much, I’ve made this set of cards with Sesame Street Characters.

Title: Sesame Street Characters
1. Elmo
2. Cookie Monster
3. Abby Cadabby
4. Big Bird
5. Ernie
6. Zoe
7. Bert
8. Oscar
9. Rosita
10. Grover



Anonymous said...


Happen to see your blog while searching for how to make flash card. I like to make Sesame Street flash card since my gal loves Elmo. But I cant find the link or pictures of Sesame Street Characters. Is it possible to send me the pic or the link.

Anonymous said...


Forget to give your my email address.
Thanks again


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