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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

About the Author - Edison's Mum-
I am a full-time working mother to Prince Edison (born on 11 Sep 07). I’m a Malaysian, born in Ipoh, currently holding a Singapore PR. I’ve been staying in Singapore for 8 good years. I love this place and I love my life here.

I came to Singapore in year 2000, after I graduated from University Technology of Malaysia with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical/Electronics. As I started working in Singapore, I spent another 2.5 years doing my post graduate study in National University of Singapore. I graduated with a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering in year 2004. But none of these degrees have any relevance to my current field of work.

I’m currently working in a US MNC in the electronics sector. I plan for the supply of products based on their demand. I deal with numbers everyday – customer forecast, shipment plans, inventory level, product cost, production capacity and lead time. Ultimately, I deliver what the customers want and maintain a healthy inventory level for my company.

I’m happily married to my hubby (Venneth). He is a wonderful man. He is thoughtful, funny, helpful, loving, dependable and supportive. I gave birth to Edison in 2007. He is an adorable, intelligent, loving and spirited little boy. Both of them are the most important person in my life. They are my inspirations and my strength.

Life is always beautiful with children. Edison brings joy, happiness and surprises to my everyday life. The experience in raising him has been bitter sweet. I’ve learnt so much for the past one year and I’m still learning. I will continue to improve and provide the best for Edison.

I love taking pictures, dressing-up, shopping, reading, writing and learning new stuff. Although I’m obsessed with shopping, I’m still very careful in my spending. I don’t go for luxury brands, unless really necessary. Nowadays I find great pleasure shopping for clothings and toys for Edison.
Recently I've started to enjoy blogging. I write more often now. I’m still new but I'm eager to learn.

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I love to hear from you. Drop me a note at emily77 (at) mymelody (dot) com.


Kynan's mummy said...

Prince Edison's mummy!

Very great intro about you and family! I always enjoy reading your blog! Great mum..great blog..great family.. great Edison!

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Kynan's mummy,

Thanks for your kind remarks and thanks for visiting my blog... :)

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