Edison turned 4 months..

Monday, January 14, 2008

I just realised that I haven't "blog" for a while.. Busy, busy, busy.. Life is no longer the same as before, having a baby means MAJOR change to your lifestyle.. I am no longer interested in Mango sale, GG5 sale, Charles & Keith shoes, Modern Beauty & Amore Fitness.. I will go crazy over Pumpkin Patch, Mothercare, Fox Baby & Toys R Us sales now..

Watching your baby grows is the most rewarding thing in one's life, I would say... I want to be there to witness all my baby's milestones & making sure that he will grow up healthily n happily... Little Edison is a very cheerful boy, he will smile every morning when he wakes up.. His smile really brights up my day & gives me the motivation to work..

Events these 2 weeks:

7 Jan 08: Little Edison went for photoshooting for Mother & Baby.. He will appear in the Feb 08 issue as the baby model for CNY fashion... The photoshooting session was a successful one... Mummy is waiting anxiously to see the magazine... Little Edison was so tired after the photoshooting that he fall to sleep immediately after leaving the scene.. He was wearing clothes from Bloom B and Baby Gap... This day is also Daddy's birthday..

11 Jan 08: Little Edison has finally turned 4 months... He is able to lift his head up when on stomach.. His neck is now firm and he likes to be carried in a "standing" position so that he can look around... Little Edison enjoys going out!

Strength training for our Little Edison... "Edison, push push push, lift up your head..."

13 Jan 08: First introduction of flash cards to Little Edison.. He didn't show any interests yet, and turned away in less than 3 mins... Sigh, Mummy needs to have more practices with Edison..


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