Two weeks old....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello everyone! I m finally 2 weeks old today!

Mum and dad r planning to throw a full month celebration for me on 7 Oct. Function room has been booked. Dad has engaged Elsie Kitchen for the buffet catering. They are busy working on the guest list and still arguing over which full month package to order. Dad prefers Melrose and Mum insists on Sweetest Moments. Cool down, mum & dad!

My grandpa, Auntie Stevie, Auntie Yit Sim, Uncle Chi Eng, Uncle David and cousin Jaynie will be coming to Singapore for the celebration. All of them r so anxious to see me!

Hey, this is my dad! He loves to take pictures of me...

I dream of becoming a Traffic Police - giving directions on a busy road!

And I am a fighter too! Dun bully me!

My First Two Weeks at Home with Baby

Saturday, September 22, 2007

For the entire nine months, my husband and me tried to imagine how our baby would look like, and when he was born we just stared at him in disbelief. We were so happy. We couldn't believe we could make such a beautiful baby.

A feeling of awe, of being overwhelmed and sleep-deprived is how I describe the first two weeks with my new baby. My friend once told me you will not know what lack of sleep is until you have a baby. This is absolutely true! Now, all my time is being controlled by my baby. My baby comes first and I can’t imagine having to ever leave him.

Five days after I deliver, my breasts became swollen. This swelling is called engorgement. This signals the increase in milk volume. Breastfeeding promotes bonding with my son and fosters an intimate mother-son relationship. Besides, breast milk is a perfect and complete nutrition for my son. No matter how tedious, I will endure and continue breastfeed him.

In addition to feeding, I have to learn how to burp him after feed, curdle him to sleep, pacify him whenever he fusses, changing his diapers, bathing him etc. I slowly understand his obvious signs of hunger, tiredness and need for diaper change. It gave me a sense of satisfaction.

With all the excitement over my new baby, I became overwhelmed with emotion, coping with the physical discomforts of giving birth; breast discomfort, fatigue and trying to keep it all together while the doorbell buzzes, the telephone rings, and throngs of well wishers are dropping by to see my new baby. The first two weeks are really challenging both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, with the support from my husband, mother, family members and close friends, I manage to get through this tough time. I would like to express gratitude and huge thanks to all of them.

My advice to all new MTBs:
1. Planning ahead & preparation for birth are important. Have all the baby essentials ready before the arrival of your baby.
2. Read, read and read. Gain massive knowledge from giving birth to raising your child. Attend an antenatal class if possible. With the knowledge and practical tips, you will gain more confidence to motherhood.
3. Stay healthy, happy and positive! You will face lots of hurdles during your pregnancy days – morning sickness, hormonal changes, discomforts, during delivery – the anxiety and pain of giving birth and after delivery – coping with newborns and sleepless nights.

More pictures of little Edison:

A sleepy Edison:

Getting a burp after feeding:

I'm one week old now!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello, its me again. Whoa!!! I don't understand why I can't get to sleep every night though Dad and Mum have been trying very hard to tuck me in. My hunger pranks plays a part too. My bed sometimes gets very warm and I started to sweat like a pig before Mum and Dad put me back to AC. I got no choice but to cry out loud to vent my discomfort and fustrations.

During daylight, I feel more adjustable to the environment and more important - my sleep.My life has become more routine now. I am fed on time and bathed in the late morning as usual. I hope at this moment, I'm not giving Dad and Mum anymore stress and extra job. So, Daddy and Mummy, please bear with my nonsense and I promise to be a good boy.

To my lil' darling Edison with Love

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mummy would like to dedicate this poem to u....
My Love For My Son
At the crack of dawn
I awake to your cry.
And I stumble out of bed,
with a tired sigh.
I've been doing this a while now,
though I really can't complain.
Since it seems I only have
your father and I to blame.
This is the best experience
that I have ever gone through.
I've gotten the greatest gift,
and this gift is you.

Your cute, innocent smiles
brighten my darkest days.
And I'm finally getting used to
your sleepless ways.

I admit at first
that I didn't know what to do.
But I think I made the right choice,
by giving life to you.

I wish I could give the world
in a neat package to you.
I guess that's what all parents
wish they could do.

But since my wish
will never come true.
I'll just give the next best thing,
all my love to you.

~~ No matter how hard it is, Mummy and Daddy will give all our love to u, take great care of u and ensure that you will grow up healthily & happily ~~

My Birth Story

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is my birth story. I was overdued by 2 days, and thus mummy has to be induced.

10 Sept 07:
11:00pm - Mummy was admitted to Mt. Alvernia hospital for induction.
11:30pm - Mummy was sent to Delivery Suite 3A.
11:45pm - Dr. Adrian arrived. He burst mummy's water bag to start the labour.

11 Sept 07:
12:00am - Midwife put mummy on oxytoxin drip & monitor her contractions on CTG.
12:30am - I was struggling in mummy's womb, trying to find the emergency button to go out.
1:00am - Midwife informed Dr. Adrian that my heartbeat was irregular and fast.
2:00am - Midwife did VE check on mummy. She was only 1 - 2cm dilated.
2:30am - Considering my unstable heartbeat, midwife stopped the oxytoxin drip on mummy. Dr. Adrian rushed to the hospital immediately.
2:50am - Dr. Adrian arrived at hospital again! He told mummy to consider having emergency c-section to get me out.
3:00am - Mummy was pushed to Operating Theatre.
After 3:30am - I was born finally!

Picture of me at birth:

13 Sept 07:

12:00noon - Both mummy and myself are discharged from hospital today. We are happy to go back to our home sweet home.

This is me, sleeping in my cozy bed.....

Growing up in mummy's womb

Friday, September 07, 2007

23rd March 07 could be the happiest day for my daddy. Dr. Adrian confirmed that I am a boy. Daddy and mummy were super delighted with the news. Daddy was hoping for a boy.

My growing up chart in mummy's womb:

13 Apr 07 - Wk 18 - 0.27kg

5 Jun 07 - Wk 25 - 0.93kg

3 Jul 07 - Wk 31 - 1.85kg

24 Jul 07 - Wk 33 - 2.14kg

7 Aug 07 - Wk 35 - 2.39kg

20 Aug 07 - Wk 37 - 2.71kg

28 Aug 07 - Wk 38 - 2.91kg

Mummy will be going for check-up tonight, hopefully I will hit my 3kg!

My pre-delivery expenses

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

4 more days to my expected arrival date.

Mummy is as usual anxious and keep pushing me to come out. On the other hand, Daddy is asking me to take my own sweet time, and do not rush!

My grandpa, nanny, aunties and uncles are all waiting to see me. Oooh, I am just too comfy inside mummy's stomach....

To-date, this is the estimated pre-delivery expenses from my mum & dad:

Day 2 of my mummy's maternity leave

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mummy is getting more and more anxious on my arrival! 5 more days to go! She is enjoying her maternity leave now. Meanwhile, Daddy is trying to ensure things are all in control, as we are aware that we are under Alert 15 status. (To activate response rapidly and calmly within 15mins) Aircraft is ready to Airborne.

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