Mummy wants to change her job?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My dear Mummy is seriously considering on whether she should change her job. She is currently working in a well-paying American firm.

Current job:
- Pay & benefits are good.
- Stress level is tolerable most of the time, but can reach its peak at certain months.
- She has to face a lot of annoying & irritating people at work! Pig head, fat bimbo, two-head snake, shit-stirrer, selfish lamb, stink roach, fake good-fren & lots more.
- Time consuming, needs to work even on wee hours.
- Lack of growth and she is getting bored with the job.
- No job satisfaction at all!

New job:
- Flexi-time.
- Pay is not as good as current job. But $$$ isn't everything for Mummy.
- Stress? Probably not much.
- She has only one boss to serve.
- No irritating colleagues.
- Most importantly, she will have the job satisfaction that she has always wanted!

Guess who is her new boss? .........

Her new boss is no other than.....

~~~ P r i n c e E d i s o n ~~~

Hee Hee, that's ME!

Edison's first try on his Fisher-Price Bouncer...

This is how a 2 months old baby plays:

1 - smiles directly at people, and expects to be given his turn in "conversations"

2 - can locate sound in front of him, but not behind

3 - kicks and waves his arms when he is excited

Our little Edison has achieved above milestones. He had his first try on his Itsy Bitsy Bouncer yesterday. The toy bar on the bouncer features two itsy bitsy spider friends who climb up and down from a rooftop while fun sounds and the nursery rhyme plays. The bouncer has a calming vibration, giving Edison a sense of comfort & relaxation.

This is little Edison, he is amazed by the moving spidey!

Our darling is learning how to stand too! He is enjoying it! Daddy is giving him training everyday. Well done Edison!

"Daddy see! I'm so strong, I can stand now!"

Edison 'kena' poke at his butts today..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Edison went for his first jab of 6-in-1 vaccination today. He passed his physical assessment test with flying colours! Dr Lillian even commented that Edison is strong, and er... handsome too!
When Edison felt the sharp sting of needle jabbing his tender skin, he gave out a loud cry... Poor Edison! It must be painful. But it is necessary to protect Edison from frightening diseases... Nonetheless, Daddy managed to calm him down within a minute... Edison stopped crying as soon as he left the doctor's room...
Thumbs up to my little boy! Edison is a good boy today! We love you, Edison!

Difference in just one month...

Monday, October 22, 2007

After 1.5 months of hardship, finally I see some results...

This is Edison @ 3 days old, his first day at home after discharged from hospital...

This is Edison @ 1 month 3 days old.. wearing the same clothing....

I am sure u can see the differences too, aka my results :)

Little funny things about our Little Edison:

- Always fall to sleep when Daddy is talking to him. Maybe Daddy is too naggy!

- Likes to pee when Mummy has removed his diaper for change...

- Always 'ek ek ek' for attention when he heard his name being called by Daddy or Mummy

- Likes to be carried & walked around the house...

- Can fall to sleep when he is in the midst of feeding, burping or even crying!

- He needs only 10 mins to drink his milk! He is a fast drinker!

- Likes rainy weather, he can sleep the whole afternoon if its raining....

- Cannot sleep on hungry stomach, must wake up for milk middle of the night...

Edison has 2 good friends that always accompany him to sleep..

Fluffy bear bought by Uncle Ah-Lim...

Little brownie bear is his favourite...

Upgrading to V-Power!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

V-Power is designed to deliver high nutrients to maximise brain performance and accelerate growth. Dun be mistaken! I'm not talking about Shell V-Power, but my V-Power milk-milk.

What is my V-Power? -> Dumex Mamex Gold!

Mum wants to change my formula from Dumex Dulac to Mamex Gold. Reason being Mamex Gold has higher percentage of AA and DHA, which are important blocks for brain & eye development. Mamex has a much better milk milleage that will increase my endurance level up to 3 Hours without hot juice. Meanwhile, I'm still eyeing for another much powerful grade which is Enfalac A+ ... That will even boost me to a much higher horsepower. Come'on Daddy, get it for me... Quick!!!
Current specs:
Formula: Dulac
Full tank capacity: 90ml
Consumption: 90ml for every 2.5 hours

New specs:
Formula: Mamex Gold
Full tank capacity: 120ml
Consumption: 120ml for every
3.5 hours

Bathing time for Edison!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello... Today I want to talk about my bathing time... I used to hate bathing, I will cry & scream to Volume 9 when grandma bathe me...

Now, after 5 weeks, I slowly learn to enjoy bathing... enjoy the warm water splashing on my body... and the sweet smell on my body after bathing... Mummy always kiss me & say "Edison has a milky smell"... After a bath, all my milky smell will goes away.....

This is ME, all wrapped up, ready to go for a bath! *Wink Wink*

This is my changing mat, Mummy prepared it before my bathing time...

And finally, this is my shower tub! With a superior anti-slip mat... Dun worry, mum! I won't slip!

So, no more tears for me! Mummy, I promise u I won't cry-cry anymore!

Edison looks like Mummy?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Most people commented that Edison looks like me. Sometimes when I look at him, I feel like I am looking at myself.. Its a strange feeling indeed!

After much searching, I managed to find my own baby photo.. There are some similarities though - the same amount of hair, the flat nose etc... What do u think?

My baby photo:

This is Edison:

Finally a routine for little Edison..

Monday, October 15, 2007

One month has passed.. There have been plenty of changes around the house in the last month... Edison has changed from a cute-but-unresponsive baby to an increasingly active and alert tiny person.. For me and my hubby, we have gained more confidence in taking care of Edison..

First month was exhausting.. Waking up in the middle of the night to feed, change nappy, crying spells etc.. Everyday is a challenge to us... After much efforts and hard work, we managed to establish a routine for Edison...

8:00am - Edison usually wakes up around 8am for his first feed.
9:00am - Edison chit-chat with Mummy.
10:00am - Morning nap for ~30mins
11:00am - 2nd feeding
12:00pm - Nap again for ~30mins
12:45pm - Time for a bath for Edison. Mummy will reward Edison with a good curdle if Edison doesn't cry-cry during shower.
1:15pm - Listen to baby music & relax!
1:30pm - 3rd feeding
2:30pm - Afternoon nap (Normally lasted 2 to 2.5 hours)
5:00pm - 4th feeding
6:00pm - Walk walk around the pool & garden (if weather permits)
8:00pm - 5th feeding
8:30pm - Edison goes to sleep between 8pm - 8:30pm. Zzzzz....
12:00am - 6th feeding
3:00am - 7th feeding
6:00am - 8th feeding

One feeding is 100ml. Edison consumes one tin of formula milk (900g) per week!

It is really tiring, but at the same time fulfilling. Looking at Edison & holding him in our arms, we instantly forget about our tiredness.

We are anticipating Edison's first little grin now. This will be our first reward in return for the sleepless nights that we had.

Full Month Finally!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*Yak Yak Yak*.. I'm finally one month old! :)

Mum and Dad held a full month celebration party for me last Sunday 7 Oct 2007. Over 50+ guests turned up, with lotsa presents and angpow for me.... I heard somebody saying "Oh, he is a handsome little boy!"..... "Big eyes".... "Lotsa hair"..... "Fair skin"..... "Very chubby!"..... "Very cute!".... Dun worrie, I will grow up as handsome as Edison Chen! Hee Hee!!!
Some photos to share with everyone...

Dad n his fellow fighters from SAF:

Mum n colleagues:

Mum's best friends:

Grandma & Uncle Kenneth..

Grandma, grandpa, Uncle Chi Eng, Auntie Yit Sim (expecting cousin Jerome this Nov), cousin Jaynie, Uncle David n Auntie Stevie..

Mum's ex-colleagues..


Grandma n Grandaunt Hazel..

And not forgetting ME! I have been sleeping throughout the party.. Oppsss!

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