Sept Mummies & Babies Gathering

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today, mummy organised a gathering for her forum "kakis" at our function room.. 18 parents turned up with their babies... We had great fun with the toys rented from Gogomummy... Though it was a bit noisy, everyone had great fun... Babies r happy with the toys, mummies r happy to meet up in person while the daddies r busy chit-chatting...

Top from left: Baby Ryann, Zac, Jade, Jordan & Rae Yan
Bottom from left: Me, the two baby Faith(s), Rachel and Caelen

I was busy playing with the Jumperoo again..

My Rainforest Jumperoo has arrived!

Yippee! My jumperoo has finally arrived.. This is my first Christmas gift from mummy & daddy... I can start to exercise my jumping now.. Jumping actions will activate the rainforest music & lights... This is a fantastic toy.. Besides the safe jumping fun, it has lots of toys to play with - a bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard, bird, tiger and also a "dead" butterfly... Hee :)

This is me in action! Jump jump jump!

Daddy said I occupied a lot of space at home... Half of the living hall is now occupied with my toys... Opppsss! And the fifth item is on the way - a Fisher Price walker... :) Where to put leh???

Mum & Dad has added another excitement to my life with this jumperoo... Thanks Mum & Dad!

Edison's First Christmas...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Our darling Edison spent his first Christmas at The Fullerton Hotel... This boy is now 3.5 months, growing up well and handsome.. With his thick hair, big & bright eyes, he always capture people's attention... Our boy has been chosen to become baby model of Mother & Baby magazine...

Edison posing on the luscious bedding of The Fullerton Hotel....

Dadddy is a big fan of hard liquor!

Fruits, anyone?

Christmas shopping at Vivocity...

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dear Daddy, Mummy, Grandpa's & Grandma's, Uncle Kenneth, Uncle Chi Eng, Auntie Stevie, Auntie Yit Sim and Uncle David, not forgetting my cousins Jaerone and Jaynie....

Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008... Hope everyone will have a good year ahead... Best of health and lots of luck!

With Love,

Little Edison has recovered...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's another rainy morning.... My little Edison has finally recovered from fever... My poor boy has been sick for 3 days due to fever and ulcer in his mouth... He was also having poor appetite..

This morning he has regained his health and goes to school as usual.. Mummy also has to go to office as works are piling up!

Little Edison is 3 months old now! He has started to laugh with radiant sound.. and he is able to hold his head firmly when sitted upright... Edison is also a strong boy, he likes to kick.. Will he become a footballer in future? Hee!

This is Edison, looking at his new Sesame Street Play Gym...

Edison laughing with radiance!

And Edison with a serious look! This boy is so cute!

Time to get back to work... No joke, no wasting time.. Rush off all works and go home on-the-dot to pick up Edison from school.. Happy Mummy = Having a great husband & a great son & supportive family members....

One week at school.....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oooh, finally one week has passed and I am now relaxing at home with Mum & Dad... Since Mum started working this week, I spent most of the day at school (infant care)... The teachers are taking good care of me, they have done a great job indeed...

Mum has to wake up early at 6:00am.. She will wake me up for milk at 6:30am and then send me to school at 7am.. After work, Mum & Dad will pick me up from school at around 6pm.. Then we go 'gai gai' and have dinner... :)

Let me share with u a sexy photo of mine.. Hee! It took me a lot of courage to pose for this photo, that explains the lack of smile on me.. I am reluctant to show off my tits!!!

Me again.. eating KFC!

Mum is planning to give my blog a brand new look... She intends to put some cartoon characters on my blog - Disney Baby, Baby Pooh, Forever Friends, Precious Moments etc etc?? Which one will she choose? Well, give her sometime to work on it, I'm sure she will come out with something interesting..

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