Thursday, June 26, 2008

During Edison's weaning stage, I found this product from the SMH forum.. I am still very satisfied with the product till now... Its the baby cubes!

Edison can enjoy the healthy benefits of homemade baby food.. and I enjoy the convenience storing the homemade baby food in these little cubes for future comsumption.. Every weekend, I will make different types of puree and store them in the freezer. Edison's fave is pear puree! He can have different types of puree for meal everyday...

This is the baby cubes that I'm talking about...

Its the only small plastic containers with lids in the market. Ideal for storing and freezing baby food. Comes in 2 sizes - 35ml and 70ml.

It keeps baby food fresh and stacks conveniently in freezer. Besides, its dishwasher safe and non toxic.

Priced at $15.00 per tray of 10 cubes. Check out these websites for more info:

Tadaa!!! I can stand...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tadaa! I can stand on my own, err, for a few seconds... hehehe... I'm still trying to balance myself and stand for slightly longer.... Mummy is teaching me to hold on to some support and start cruising around...

This is how I do it:

FOOGO Food Jar

I have always wanted to buy a thermos food jar for Edison... And I've finally found it at the SMH forum..

This is the FOOGO Food Jar... Edison can now eat home-cooked porridge even when we are outdoor!

Price at only $30.00, it can keep your porridge warm for up to 5 hours... Furthermore, its lightweight and compact, fits well into your diaper bag!


Foogo Series - Leak-Proof Food Jar
- Part Number: 3000BL2/B3000PK2
- Colors: Pink and Blue
- Keeps food cold for 7 hours and hot for 5 hours
- Stainless steel interior and exterior
- Volume: 10 oz
- Weight: 0.5 lb
- Dimensions: 3.8" L x 4.8" H x 3.8" W


Gonna start my Shichida Class in July

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mum & Dad have enrolled me for The Shichida Method - the famous right-brain education school in Singapore. I will start schooling in July.

This school is famous for its ability to stimulate and develop the right brain by raising it to a higher level of potential. Each lesson provides different game-like activities to stimulate various parts of the brain with the focus to pull out the innate abilities in a natural state of mind.

This unique program, however, costs a bomb to Mum & Dad. The program fee is as follow:
Term Fee: $780 (weekend)
Annual Registration Fee: $50
Refundable Deposit: $300
Parent Education Course (PEC) Fee: $170 (1 parent) / $290 (2 parents)

Despite the high cost, Mum & Dad think that its a good opportunity to maximize my potentials.

More updates after my first lesson on 2 July. Stay tuned! :)

Musical Learning Table from Rent-That-Toy

Mum realised that none of the toys can sustain my interest for more than a month.. I will easily get bored with toys.. Maybe those toys with sounds or lights can capture my attention for a slightly longer period of time... But soft toys are rather boring to me...

As a result, Mum found a new idea... *Blink* She is renting toys for me.. this means, I get to play new toys every month... Brilliant idea, isn't it?

This is my first toy from Rent-That-Toy - a musical learning table from Leapfrog. It plays over 40 songs & melodies.. Its an interactive musical table with lots of things to spin, roll, slide, open and close.. Can be set-up as a table or floor play.. I give it a 4/5 rating! :)

Check this out at Rent-That-Toy at They provide free delivery with order above $35.

I have passed the 9 months mark!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Everyone at home has been busy for the last 3 weeks, and thus, our blog has not been updated for sometime.. I have passed the 9 months mark.. Everybody says that I'm a big boy now... I can crawl and reach for my favourite toys or food... I can stand with some support.. I'm trying to balance my body when I'm standing.. Its ain't easy though... It has been a busy month for me too..

Dad bought me an M16 last week... Haiz, this gun is too huge for me to play.... Don't u think so?

Hehehe.. cool, isn't it?

Oh, its getting a little late... We gotta sleep now.. Will post more pics tomorrow.... Nitez nitez! :)

See me crawling...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dear Auntie Stevie... Mum took some videos last weekend... You can see me crawling here... =)

(Note: This video was ended due to my urgency to go poo-poo. Hehe!)


2nd video coming up... This is a short one, ended bcos I was approaching a dangerous zone!

More pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

Playing at my grandpa house... Now I spend most of my time at Grandpa's house when Mummy is working...
Now I can stand whenever I can hold on to some support... steady, right? :)

Ok la, hope to see you again in Sept... Will send you more pics and videos when available.. Take care ya! :)
With Love, Edison...

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