Running out of toys?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YES... I've run out of ideas what to buy and what to rent for Edison... He seems to lost interest in his toys too fast! The other day, our helper was persuading him to play with the new bicycle that I have rented. But he simply 'bo-hiew' her (don't bother about her).

He looked so 'attitude', right? Hehehe...

I just dig out whatever new stuff at home to be his toys... something new that he has never seen before to ease his curiosity!

Look at this! He loves to play with these skincare samples... He sat in my room for half an hour playing with them (without crawling up & down). This is amazing!

Last week, he ransacked the kitchen cabinet. Sat on the kitchen floor and played with the tupperwares for half an hour.

This is my little boy...

Daddy's Yummy-licious Laksa

Monday, August 25, 2008

This is how it looks like. My Daddy's yummy-licious LAKSA.

Super HOT. Super SPICY. Super TASTY too. Simply irresistable.
Daddy is really good at it. Too bad that I can't eat adult food yet. Sobz... Mummy ate too much yesterday until she had sore throat this morning.

Birthday Cake for Edison

Sunday, August 24, 2008

After a thorough read in the SMH forum, I've came across this bakery called ECreative. At the first glance at their website, I was impressed. Their cakes look fabulous! Many forumers have written good reviews about their cakes and services. Thus, I have decided to give them a try too.

We have shortlisted the following cakes:

1. C0642: Flowers and butterflies design. So simple but yet it brings out the beauty of nature. Quoted from Edison's Godpa: Edison is a gift of nature. A true gem. So, this cake design really suits him.

2. C0590: Nature forest design. Very colourful. The animals look so cute. The flowers and waterfall bring out the beauty of the cake. Quoted from Edison's Godpa: Edison's future pathway would be a colourful and interesting one. He will meet lots of good friends at school to play with. The waterfall shows the cascade of blessings to all who joined him in his birthday celebration. Oh, this is so meaningful!

Number Two???

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something to rejoice about. The enhanced Marriage and Parenthood (M&P) package announced by PM Lee at the National Day Rally on 17 Aug 08.

It happened once again. Singapore Government is generously giving more incentives to encourage couples to have more babies. Seriously, I don't think anyone would get married or have a kid just because of the incentives. But but but, if we are thinking of having another baby, it will make it a lot easier for us with the new incentives.

What attracts me?
1. Extended maternity leave from 12 to 16 weeks for working mothers. No need to work for ~4 months, but still get paid! I was jumping with joy when I heard this.
2. Paid childcare leave has been increased from 2 to 6 days. For parents with child aged below seven years old. Yes, I fit into this category. I can start planning my additional 4 days leave this year.
3. Unpaid infant care leave. This is NEW! Working parents will get six days of unpaid infant care leave per year if one has a child aged below two years old. Don't worry if I have burnt all my annual leave and childcare leave, as I still have 6 days of unpaid leave as back-up.

Besides all these, the Government has also increased the Baby Bonus, Parenthood Tax Rebate and subsidies for centre-based child/infant-care.

For more detailed information pertaining to the enhanced M&P, you can refer to the following link:


I have always wanted to have a baby GIRL. I dreamt about that little pinkish booties, pink dress with lace and pink hair bands. It will be nice if Edison has a 'mei-mei' (sister) to play with and share his toys.

On the other hand, I'm worried that I may not be able to handle two kids on my own. I may not be able to channel all my time and efforts to Edison. I don't want to add stress to my aging parents-in-law. Well, well, well, what should I do? Strike Toto, become a SAHM & I can take care of my two kids... Ok, start dreaming about it tonight.... :)

To my dearest Edison.. You are always my NUMBER ONE.. You are the most important to me... and whatever I do, its always for you... Life is like a box of chocolates, full of surprises & you will never know what you are going to get. Enjoy all that you have and be a HAPPY BOY always!

18 days to Edison's First Birthday!

Sept '07 Mega Birthday Party

Friday, August 22, 2008

It has been a busy week for everyone at home. Finally its Friday night, I can spend some time to write about the Sept '07 Mega Birthday Party that we had last Sunday. The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse ClubHouse.
Date: 17 Aug 08
Time: 12:00pm - 3:30pm
Venue: Our function room
The party was a great success! We had 21 babies and 38 parents attending the party. A wide spread of buffet lunch from Neo Garden, a function room nicely decorated with balloons & banners and a yummy birthday cake that sets everyone drooling.

Mickey Mouse Castle Cake from Imina Wong

Party Decorations from The Baby Online Shop

The mummies are regular forumers from the Singapore Motherhood Forum. Some of them have known each other since their pregnancy days. Finally, they are meeting up at this party to celebrate ONE year of hard work (being a mother!) and to celebrate their babies' FIRST birthday together.

The most interesting part of the party was the CRAWLING CONTEST. Baby Jerald won the contest being the fastest crawler among all of us.

Baby Tristan (top right) won the Most Photogenic Baby Title.

And ME? Never lose out too, I won the Most Smiley Baby Title (though I don't look so smiley in this pic)

Posing with my girlfriend, Maegan.. hehehe :)

Playing the grand piano with Nate, Kelly and Maegan

And here comes the most important moment! All of us take a shot with this yummy Mickey Mouse Castle Cake.

All of us had great FUN at the party.

The party ended with the group photo-taking. I missed out this session as I have dozed-off in my pram. Eeeeek! Why Mummy never wake me up to take photo?

Edison is 11 months old

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Edison is 11 months, and he has started walking around the house with his walker. Climbing up the stairs seems easy for him now and he does it everyday. When he is on top, he likes to turn back and wave goodbye to us. When he hears the sound of aeroplane, he will point to the sky. When he see us eating, he will quickly come to us. That’s my boy! He is very fast and alert.

Little Edison has always been a good boy:
- he is never grumpy and clingy
- he sleeps 10-12 hours through the night. I consider myself blessed as I have stopped waking up middle of the night to feed since he was 5 months old
- he never cry when he wakes up in the morning
- he is not fussy or picky with food
- he is always so cheerful and has been a darling to everyone at home
- he is ‘sweet-smelling’ from head to toes. We love to kiss him; from his head, his cheeks, his toes and even his armpits! I’m not kidding!
- he sleeps on his own and he doesn’t need any rocking or patting. All I have to do is to put him on his bed, dim the light and switch on the fan/air-con. He will fall asleep within ten mins. And yes, this is really amazing for a young baby like him.

His presence makes me feel important again! With Edison, my life is full of surprises!

Videos for Auntie Stevie & Grandma - Part 2

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dear Auntie Stevie & Grandma,
I have more videos to share with you this week. I'm walking with my walker! Now I can walk around the house by myself.

I can climb up the stairs too!

Time to catch some sleep now.. Enjoy viewing the videos...

Eight-Second Hugging

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Have you hugged your child today?

This is one of the important lessons that I've learnt at the Parent Education Course, its called the Eight-Second Hugging!

It is an effective way for parents to communicate their love to their children. In addition, it can cultivate a child's motivation and independence.

How to do it? Don't just give a little hug! Hug and continue to hold the child closely for 8 seconds. Your love will be communicated to the child's heart instantly! Try it, and you will know what I meant. Love is the key to our hearts. :)

Home Practise for a One Year Old

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is what I've planned for Edison and I hope that I can get it fully implemented when he turns ONE next month.

Purpose of home practice: Strengthen the weekly input & ensure both sides of the brain are well connected.
Duration per session: 15 mins
Min requirement: One session per day

# Always cultivate a good and happy mood emotionally before home practise. #

1. Energy ball exercise (Relaxation)
2. Breathing exercise
3. Praise his good points
4. ESP games
5. Flash cards
6. Eye training
7. Photo Memory
8. Music – Counting and ABC
9. Speed Reading
10. Linking Memory
11. Flash cards - Dot Programme
** Will introduce #9-#11 when Edison is 18 months **

Here's a brief description of each activity:

Energy Ball Exercise
- Rub their hands, gather the energy, raise the energy up and make a big ball to wash themselves.
- Repeat with rubbing their hands, gather the energy, compress them into a small ball and swallow the energy into their tummy. Tell them the energy is with them now & they feel great.
- Give them a big hug after this exercise!

Breathing Exercise
- Breathe in and out for 3 times.
- For younger babies, you can make a little ‘gadget’ for them to blow. Example: a small piece of paper, colored feather etc.
- For older babies, you can use a whistle.
- This is for them to relax before the start of the session.

Praise their good points
- Praise them for something that they did well on that day

ESP Games (or telepathy games)
- Ask them to guess what is hiding in a bag, behind a card etc.
- Take two cards – one with a picture and one blank card. Put the cards face down & shuffle them. Ask them to guess which card has a picture.
- Tell them this: “You have a special brain. Use your special brain to guess which card has the picture.”
- You can also use UNO cards for them to guess the numbers or colours.

Flash Cards
- I will start with flash card slideshows to capture his attention, followed by normal flash cards.
- Start with 100 cards in the first months, to an average of 250 cards, then to 1000 cards.
- Note: Do not repeat the same set twice in the same session!
- Speed: average 0.5 second per card, ideal 0.3 second per card

Eye Training
- This is important to relax their eye muscles after looking at so many flash cards!
- Helps to improve attention span and visualization skills too.
- You can use a picture card with a small bell attached behind the card or an object like finger puppets. Move the card/object in zig-zag motion in 3 directions: left to right, up down and butterfly shape.
- You can also make a slideshow, with a ball moving down in zig-zag direction. It looks something like this:

Photo Memory
- You will need two identical pictures.
- Show them one of the pictures. Ask them to take picture of it. Repeat for 2 or 3 times (2-3 seconds each time).
- Now, show them both pictures and ask them which picture they saw just now.
- For young babies, you have to look at their eyes to see which picture they are looking at.
- Example:

Music (ABC and counting)
- Play the ABC music, sing along with him and point to the letters as we sing.
- Play the counting music and sing along with him. If you have an abacus, you can use it do some counting with him.

At the end of the session, don’t forget to give your child a hug! Sounds interesting, isn't it? Start yours today! :)

I'm sure there will be a lot of obstacles to start the home practise especially when they are still young and attention span is very short. Let's see how are going to tackle the issues.

Some videos for Auntie Stevie and Grandma in Ipoh..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dear Auntie Stevie & Grandma,
Mummy took some videos of me today... I wanted to show you the videos... See how active I am! I am capable of doing some "mini-stunts"; like standing on my high chair, climbing up the sofa etc.

~ Crawling ~

~ Walking ~

~ Learning ~

~ Jumping! ~

Happy viewing! :)

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