Edison gets angry?!

Friday, February 29, 2008

I find this very interesting.. Yesterday evening, Daddy picked up Edison from school and drove to my office to pick me.. On the way...

Edison: Want to flip & get out of the car seat...
Daddy: "Edison, pls sit properly & dun move around!"

Edison: "Arghhhh arghhh" Continue to make lots of noise.. And vomitted some milk onto the car seat...
Daddy *angry tone*: "Alamak! Naughty boy! See the mess that you've created!"
Daddy scolded Edison.... And buckle the seat belt on him so that he cannot move..
Edison was angry & started crying...
He turned his face away from Daddy, and was very angry cos Daddy scolded him...
Daddy was happy & continue driving..
Edison covered himself with his blanket & fall asleep... with his face still turned away from Daddy..
This is funnie.. Imagine a 5 months old baby can gets really angry when someone scolded him.. =) Be a good boy Edison!
Ok, enuf chatter... Time to get back to work.. A nice weekend is coming Up!

Constantly changing...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Babies are constantly changing.. how true! You will be amazed by their fast development.. Little Edison can now flip to his right and to his left.. Every morning, he wakes up on his bed and exercise his flipping! He is a very determined little boy...

Now, he is learning how to crawl.. This will be difficult, boy! He will lie on his stomach and his legs keep kicking to move forward.. like swimming on his bed.. So funnie!
This morning:
Edison: Wakes up, happy happy & start exercising on his bed
Mummy: "Edison, go Ooi Ooi, mummy still want to sleep"

Edison: "ek ek ek, Mum, I'm hungry! Give me milk milk!"
Mummy: "Arghhhh! Ok, boy, wait wait!" *Crawl to the kitchen to make milk*
Edison: "Yippee! My milk milk is here... So hungry!"
Edison: Stomach full, happy happy! "kekeke, thanks Mum!"

Meal Plan for Edison

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Prince Edison is now 5months+ old.. Mummy is planning to start weaning Edison when he is 6 months old.. After a thorough researching, below is the meal plan that Mummy has drafted for Edison... =)

At 6 months – Getting Started
- Food should only be slightly thicker than milk, start with liquid paste and progresses to semi-solids.
- Milk feed should be given first, followed by food.
7am: 180ml of milk
10am: 3 dsp of infant rice cereal mixed with 120ml of milk
Few tsp of water
1pm: 180ml of milk
3 tsp of unsweetened fruit juice (1.5 tsp juice diluted with 1.5 tsp of water)
4pm: 180ml of milk
7pm: 180ml of milk
10pm: 180ml of milk (if needed)

At 7 – 9 months
- Ready for food with different textures and tastes
- Give food first, followed by milk feed
- Ready for two solid feedings a day and advance to three solid feeds by 9 months of age
- Blended home-cooked rice porridge using white or brown rice
7am: 210ml of milk
10am: ½ bowl of infant rice/wheat/mixed cereals mixed with 120ml of milk
Few tsp of water
1pm: ½ bowl of thin porridge mixed with meat and vegie
4tsp of scraped apple
Few tsp of water
4pm: 210ml of milk
½ teething rusk or ½ baby biscuit (if Edison is teething)
7pm: 210ml of milk
1 mashed potato + 1 dsp mashed carrot + 1 dsp of mashed baked fish
Few tsp of water
10pm: 210ml-240ml of milk (if needed)

From 10 months onwards:
- Food need not be blended anymore.
- Give roughly chopped soft foods & finger foods like teething rusks or biscuits and small chunks of well-cooked vegetables or soft fresh fruits i.e. banana, ripe pears, melons and peaches.
7am: 210ml-240ml of milk
10am: 1 slice of bread
120ml of milk (in a cup)
Few sips of water
1pm: ½ -1 bowl of thick porridge mixed with meat and veggie / beancurd
2 dsp of watermelon, cut into small pieces
Few sips of water
4pm: 210ml-240ml of milk
1 teething rusk or 1 baby biscuit
Few sips of water
7pm: ½ -1 bowl of thick porridge mixed with meat and veggie / beancurd
2 dsp of banana
Few sips of water
10pm: 210ml-240ml of milk (if needed)

By 1 year:
- Baby’s food can be adapted from the family meals, no need to cook separately for him

Allergenic foods
- Avoid until 9 months:
Citrus fruits i.e. orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade
Strawberries, raspberries, pineapple
Tomato or tomato sauce
Milk products such as cheese, yogurt, ice-cream
Whole eggs or egg whites
Nuts such as peanut butter
Fish, esp shellfish

Wow! Very comprehensive... Feel so satisfied with this job... :) Good enuf to kick start a new food journey for our Prince Edison :)

It's TUMMY TIME again!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mummy has been putting me on my tummy occasionally now, so that I can train my push-ups and strengthen my neck muscles. I can push myself UP now.. Woohoo, no more lying flat on the playmat...

These are the pics of my SUCCESS.. Grandma and Uncle were so proud of my achievements.. I can flip from both directions - left and right...

Very soon, you will see me crawling... Yak! Yak! Yak! =)
I have finally turned 5 months old this week... Do you know that we can enjoy a good book even at this age? Dun worry if we are more interested in eating it than reading it... Colourful board books & toys with flashing lights and sounds are our favourites..
Having to know this, Mummy has ordered a LeapFrog LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System from the Oversea Spree for me... This will be my first learning experience and a good starter... Expected to arrive in one months time, Mummy has also ordered 3 books for me...

This is how the Learning System looks like... So ANXIOUS to get mine soon....

Will update everyone on my first learning experience when I get my system.. Be patient, okie? :)

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