From crawling to standing...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

In these 2 weeks, I have increased my mobility tremendously.... I can co-ordinate my crawling better.... from a sitting position to a crawling position and vice versa, I'm a pro now! I can crawl very fast when I want to reach for something.. I can even grab onto some support and stand up on my own.... I'm amazed by my newfound ability!

see! I can hold onto the rail and stand up on my own!

And I like to imitate what the adults do too....

Let me see what is inside the Pizza Hut menu... can I eat?

MSN chat with this laptop thingy?!

Antique Pail!
I was taking a bath in this red color pail that Grandma used to bathe Daddy 30+ years ago! Really an antique piece of pail! And super durable too.... lasted 30+ years...

Nissen Bear Romper!

I look great in this romper, isn't it?


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