Thursday, June 26, 2008

During Edison's weaning stage, I found this product from the SMH forum.. I am still very satisfied with the product till now... Its the baby cubes!

Edison can enjoy the healthy benefits of homemade baby food.. and I enjoy the convenience storing the homemade baby food in these little cubes for future comsumption.. Every weekend, I will make different types of puree and store them in the freezer. Edison's fave is pear puree! He can have different types of puree for meal everyday...

This is the baby cubes that I'm talking about...

Its the only small plastic containers with lids in the market. Ideal for storing and freezing baby food. Comes in 2 sizes - 35ml and 70ml.

It keeps baby food fresh and stacks conveniently in freezer. Besides, its dishwasher safe and non toxic.

Priced at $15.00 per tray of 10 cubes. Check out these websites for more info:


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