Gonna start my Shichida Class in July

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mum & Dad have enrolled me for The Shichida Method - the famous right-brain education school in Singapore. I will start schooling in July.

This school is famous for its ability to stimulate and develop the right brain by raising it to a higher level of potential. Each lesson provides different game-like activities to stimulate various parts of the brain with the focus to pull out the innate abilities in a natural state of mind.

This unique program, however, costs a bomb to Mum & Dad. The program fee is as follow:
Term Fee: $780 (weekend)
Annual Registration Fee: $50
Refundable Deposit: $300
Parent Education Course (PEC) Fee: $170 (1 parent) / $290 (2 parents)

Despite the high cost, Mum & Dad think that its a good opportunity to maximize my potentials.

More updates after my first lesson on 2 July. Stay tuned! :)


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