My 2009 New Year's Resolutions

Monday, January 05, 2009

This comes in later this year as I was too occupied for the past few days. Today is my first working day in 2009, I feel so refreshed and energized after a two-week break. I spent half an hour after lunch to think about my resolutions for this year.

My resolutions are yet very simple. Honestly, I’m not a naturally disciplined person. Thus, I’m keeping them simple so that I don’t lost focus.
For myself
Eat well. Live well. Try to exercise. Plan some personal time for myself every month. Take care of my skin and hair (very important!). Drink more water and reduce the coffee.

For my husband
Love my husband. Spend more time with him. Understand and support him. Take care of his health.

For my son
Take great care of Edison. Coach him, teach him and guide him. Create enjoyable learning experiences for him. Organize more outdoor activities for him. Take care of his diet and health.

My blog
Improve my blog and writing. Buy myself a domain. I’ve been toying with this idea for a while. I think I should just do it. I truly want to have a website of my own.

My career
Deliver the best that I can. It’s not the right time for ‘job hop’.

New addition to the family
Probably, I can start thinking about it. (I mean ‘thinking’, not ‘planning’ yet!). I need to build up the courage. It’s really not easy going through the 9 months of pregnancy again.

My wishlist
I want to own a Rolex watch. My husband has agreed to get one for me this year. (Thanks so much, dear!)

2008 has been a remarkable year for me. I’m so happy now. I’m definitely looking forward to an exciting 2009!


Huey Ling said...

going thru pregnancy is not tough. the tough stage is wen bb is born n u need to take care n teach and nuture them into a fine child. But you make a great mummy!

Edison's Mum said...

My first trimester wasn't so smooth-sailing leh. I can still remember those days where I camped beside the toilet bowl every night, waiting to merlion. It was scary!

Nonetheless the joy of parenting is too hard to resist. I still dream of that pair of pink booties.. hehehe...

We are all great mothers.... :)

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