I'm one week old now!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello, its me again. Whoa!!! I don't understand why I can't get to sleep every night though Dad and Mum have been trying very hard to tuck me in. My hunger pranks plays a part too. My bed sometimes gets very warm and I started to sweat like a pig before Mum and Dad put me back to AC. I got no choice but to cry out loud to vent my discomfort and fustrations.

During daylight, I feel more adjustable to the environment and more important - my sleep.My life has become more routine now. I am fed on time and bathed in the late morning as usual. I hope at this moment, I'm not giving Dad and Mum anymore stress and extra job. So, Daddy and Mummy, please bear with my nonsense and I promise to be a good boy.


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