Two weeks old....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello everyone! I m finally 2 weeks old today!

Mum and dad r planning to throw a full month celebration for me on 7 Oct. Function room has been booked. Dad has engaged Elsie Kitchen for the buffet catering. They are busy working on the guest list and still arguing over which full month package to order. Dad prefers Melrose and Mum insists on Sweetest Moments. Cool down, mum & dad!

My grandpa, Auntie Stevie, Auntie Yit Sim, Uncle Chi Eng, Uncle David and cousin Jaynie will be coming to Singapore for the celebration. All of them r so anxious to see me!

Hey, this is my dad! He loves to take pictures of me...

I dream of becoming a Traffic Police - giving directions on a busy road!

And I am a fighter too! Dun bully me!


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