My First Two Weeks at Home with Baby

Saturday, September 22, 2007

For the entire nine months, my husband and me tried to imagine how our baby would look like, and when he was born we just stared at him in disbelief. We were so happy. We couldn't believe we could make such a beautiful baby.

A feeling of awe, of being overwhelmed and sleep-deprived is how I describe the first two weeks with my new baby. My friend once told me you will not know what lack of sleep is until you have a baby. This is absolutely true! Now, all my time is being controlled by my baby. My baby comes first and I can’t imagine having to ever leave him.

Five days after I deliver, my breasts became swollen. This swelling is called engorgement. This signals the increase in milk volume. Breastfeeding promotes bonding with my son and fosters an intimate mother-son relationship. Besides, breast milk is a perfect and complete nutrition for my son. No matter how tedious, I will endure and continue breastfeed him.

In addition to feeding, I have to learn how to burp him after feed, curdle him to sleep, pacify him whenever he fusses, changing his diapers, bathing him etc. I slowly understand his obvious signs of hunger, tiredness and need for diaper change. It gave me a sense of satisfaction.

With all the excitement over my new baby, I became overwhelmed with emotion, coping with the physical discomforts of giving birth; breast discomfort, fatigue and trying to keep it all together while the doorbell buzzes, the telephone rings, and throngs of well wishers are dropping by to see my new baby. The first two weeks are really challenging both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, with the support from my husband, mother, family members and close friends, I manage to get through this tough time. I would like to express gratitude and huge thanks to all of them.

My advice to all new MTBs:
1. Planning ahead & preparation for birth are important. Have all the baby essentials ready before the arrival of your baby.
2. Read, read and read. Gain massive knowledge from giving birth to raising your child. Attend an antenatal class if possible. With the knowledge and practical tips, you will gain more confidence to motherhood.
3. Stay healthy, happy and positive! You will face lots of hurdles during your pregnancy days – morning sickness, hormonal changes, discomforts, during delivery – the anxiety and pain of giving birth and after delivery – coping with newborns and sleepless nights.

More pictures of little Edison:

A sleepy Edison:

Getting a burp after feeding:


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