Little Edison has recovered...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's another rainy morning.... My little Edison has finally recovered from fever... My poor boy has been sick for 3 days due to fever and ulcer in his mouth... He was also having poor appetite..

This morning he has regained his health and goes to school as usual.. Mummy also has to go to office as works are piling up!

Little Edison is 3 months old now! He has started to laugh with radiant sound.. and he is able to hold his head firmly when sitted upright... Edison is also a strong boy, he likes to kick.. Will he become a footballer in future? Hee!

This is Edison, looking at his new Sesame Street Play Gym...

Edison laughing with radiance!

And Edison with a serious look! This boy is so cute!

Time to get back to work... No joke, no wasting time.. Rush off all works and go home on-the-dot to pick up Edison from school.. Happy Mummy = Having a great husband & a great son & supportive family members....


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