One week at school.....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oooh, finally one week has passed and I am now relaxing at home with Mum & Dad... Since Mum started working this week, I spent most of the day at school (infant care)... The teachers are taking good care of me, they have done a great job indeed...

Mum has to wake up early at 6:00am.. She will wake me up for milk at 6:30am and then send me to school at 7am.. After work, Mum & Dad will pick me up from school at around 6pm.. Then we go 'gai gai' and have dinner... :)

Let me share with u a sexy photo of mine.. Hee! It took me a lot of courage to pose for this photo, that explains the lack of smile on me.. I am reluctant to show off my tits!!!

Me again.. eating KFC!

Mum is planning to give my blog a brand new look... She intends to put some cartoon characters on my blog - Disney Baby, Baby Pooh, Forever Friends, Precious Moments etc etc?? Which one will she choose? Well, give her sometime to work on it, I'm sure she will come out with something interesting..


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