My Rainforest Jumperoo has arrived!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yippee! My jumperoo has finally arrived.. This is my first Christmas gift from mummy & daddy... I can start to exercise my jumping now.. Jumping actions will activate the rainforest music & lights... This is a fantastic toy.. Besides the safe jumping fun, it has lots of toys to play with - a bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard, bird, tiger and also a "dead" butterfly... Hee :)

This is me in action! Jump jump jump!

Daddy said I occupied a lot of space at home... Half of the living hall is now occupied with my toys... Opppsss! And the fifth item is on the way - a Fisher Price walker... :) Where to put leh???

Mum & Dad has added another excitement to my life with this jumperoo... Thanks Mum & Dad!


Louise lewis said...

Awesome! Fisher-Price are a perfect brand for Jumperoos. I got mine for my toddler, the Fisher-Price Discover N Grow Jumperoo. It is a walker and entertainer and keeps my toddler busy for hours. get yours here today:

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