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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

11 March 2008, 6 days later: Prince Edison is turning 6 months old... Here’s a summary for my failing memory.. I better pen it down now..
7 Jan 07: First discovery about my pregnancy through a home pregnancy test kit..

Feb 07: Fighting with morning sickness (or rather evening sickness) everyday.. After dinner, I will "hug" the toilet bowl, ready to "merlion".. Come to think of it, I am still having phobia.. Geeee...

May 07: Into the 2nd trimester.. All the morning sicknesses are gone, and I was enjoying my pregnancy... Went for a 7-day Central Japan vacation with Edison's Dad, we enjoyed to the fullest...

Aug 07: Water retention strikes! My feet started to look swollen each day... Feel the anxiety to give birth.. Belly was getting bigger & rounder!

Sep 07: Counting down to give birth.. Kept pestering our Prince Edison to come out, but he still hesitates! Too comfy inside mummy's stomach, doesn't want to come out yet! I've put on a whooping 17kg!

9 Sep 07: EDD arrived! Gynae, Dr Adrian, told us to pick a date for induce... Mmmmm, after a thorough check, we chose 11 Sept 07 (911) / 1st day of the 8th lunar month.. Good day, huh!

10 Sep 07: Super kanchiong! Ready to go it.. Double & triple check on my hospital bag.. Set off to Mt Alvernia Hosp at 11pm..

11 Sep 07: Prince Edison arrived! While I was still zonked out from the general anaesthesia, I was painfully shaken awake and somebody telling me “Can you hear me?! Your baby is out..” or something like that. Ya, ya, but I still want to sleep…

Then I remembered being bodily transferred from 1 bed to another. Every part of my body hurt from the movements. I was pushed out the OT, passing rows of lights, and I vomitted along the way..

I was so blur, lying on my bed, not sure how long I slept.. When I woke up, I saw HB's face.. First question is "How is our Edison?!".. HB told me that Edison looks like me & started showing me pictures of our darling taken with his camera... I was so happy... At that moment, I forgot about all the pains....

Told HB to go home & take a rest... In the afternoon, the staff nurse pushed Edison out from nursery to my ward.. After so many hours of waiting, I can finally see my darling! I bursted into tears.. I wanted to immediately carry him, but the pain from the C-section stopped me..

6 months have passed, and I'm glad that our Prince Edison is growing well everyday.. Here are some pictures to recap...
~~~~~ P R I N C E . E D I S O N ~~~~~
At birth:
At 2 weeks:
At 1 month:
At 1.5 months:
At 2 months:
At 2.5 months:
At 3 months:
At 4 months:
At 5 months:


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