My teacher has resigned & left our infant care..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Teacher Zaleha has been taking care of me since I joined Kiddy Academy in Nov 2007. She is very kind & caring to all the babies. With her humours, she always makes us laugh. She likes to play with me too. I wonder why she left the infant care in a sudden. I wish her all the best, hopefully she can find a better job.... This infant care doesn't know how to treasure their teachers...

(Teacher Zaleha, I wish you all the best!)

Enough of complaints about the infant care that I am attending.. Mummy is super frustrated with them.. Always short of manpower! Mummy has complaint to the supervisor, principal and to MCYS! Hopefully MCYS can do something about it... otherwise all my friends there, including myself, will continue to suffer :(

Mummy & daddy will find a maid to take care of me.. Its time to leave this infant care for good...

I'm learning how to crawl now.. Its tough, I tell u hor... I can move my legs and hands, but somehow my body is ain't moving forward... I have to practice more....


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