It was an enjoyable week with Gong-Gong & Po-Po

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gong-Gong & Po-Po came to visit me last week.. We had a great time together.. Gong-Gong seems to enjoy carrying me around.. :)

Arghhh! So difficult to take a picture with 2 of them looking at the camera at the same time...

(Photos taken at Chinese Garden on 13 Mar 08)
Auntie Stevie bought me a lovely Elmo, it is so BIG, so RED and so LIVELY.. Elmo can talk & sing! I love playing with it.. Later I will take a pic & show it 2 u, okie? Thanks, Auntie Stevie for the gift...
It was a tiring trip for everyone, but most fulfilling! Despite the rainy & stormy weather, they went to visit Singapore Zoo, the new Singapore Flyer, Chinese Garden and shopping around Orchard Road... But the silly thing is, after Gong-Gong & Po-Po returned to Msia, Mr Golden Sun came out! Hehehe :) We had two sunny days in a row! =)


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