Buying My Own Domain

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It’s official. I’m going to buy my own domain today. I’ve been toying with this idea for several weeks now, and I’ve decided to go ahead and do it with courage!

Due to the limitations in Blogger, I’ve decided to set-up my new blog in Wordpress. I’m thinking of a new theme for my blog now. I’m not an expert in domain registration and web hosting. So, I engaged professional help with a very reasonable charge.

If you are wondering why I want to buy my own domain when free sites are easily available, let me explain to you. Free site is like a rented house. It doesn’t belong to us. We are restricted by the rental rules and regulations. Own domain is like our own house. We can decorate it as much as we like. It’s something that truly belongs to us.

Secondly, having a dot com or a dot net is much more professional. Compare and You will know what I mean. I’ve been blogging for a year now. I have a strong passion in it, and I want to bring this interest to a higher level.

Thirdly, it’s so affordable to own a domain. Forgo buying one dress and we can have our own website for ONE YEAR. We are assured of the security of our own website, as compared to those erratic free services. Furthermore, it’s ad-free!

Lastly, we deserve it. We put in so much effort in our blogs with beautifully written posts and fantastic pictures, we definitely want to preserve and secure them.

I’m looking forward to launch my new blog next month. That ‘auspicious date’ is however not confirmed yet. You will definitely be invited to my house-warming party!


Anonymous said...


Fau said...

cool! i bought mine from 5 yrs ago, and have been with them since!

Edison's Mum said...

Yeah, it's lots of fun! I've registered my domain yesterday.. now i'm looking for a suitable theme...

Sin Yee said...

i was also toying w the same idea few wks back. but not sure whether i can do this w years of passion so holding back. probably on my 1st anniversary of blog post, i will do the same ! :)

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Sin Yee,

You are really very good in writing. I sincerely think that you should start your own dot com.. :)

If you are interested, I can recommend the web hosting company to you. I'm impressed by their super prompt service and pro-activeness...

Sin Yee said...

thanks for your compliments... i shall see whether my hobby of blogging will become a passion.

I will definitely look for you when i come to having my own domain :)

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