Full Month Finally!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*Yak Yak Yak*.. I'm finally one month old! :)

Mum and Dad held a full month celebration party for me last Sunday 7 Oct 2007. Over 50+ guests turned up, with lotsa presents and angpow for me.... I heard somebody saying "Oh, he is a handsome little boy!"..... "Big eyes".... "Lotsa hair"..... "Fair skin"..... "Very chubby!"..... "Very cute!".... Dun worrie, I will grow up as handsome as Edison Chen! Hee Hee!!!
Some photos to share with everyone...

Dad n his fellow fighters from SAF:

Mum n colleagues:

Mum's best friends:

Grandma & Uncle Kenneth..

Grandma, grandpa, Uncle Chi Eng, Auntie Yit Sim (expecting cousin Jerome this Nov), cousin Jaynie, Uncle David n Auntie Stevie..

Mum's ex-colleagues..


Grandma n Grandaunt Hazel..

And not forgetting ME! I have been sleeping throughout the party.. Oppsss!


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