Meal Plan for Edison

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Prince Edison is now 5months+ old.. Mummy is planning to start weaning Edison when he is 6 months old.. After a thorough researching, below is the meal plan that Mummy has drafted for Edison... =)

At 6 months – Getting Started
- Food should only be slightly thicker than milk, start with liquid paste and progresses to semi-solids.
- Milk feed should be given first, followed by food.
7am: 180ml of milk
10am: 3 dsp of infant rice cereal mixed with 120ml of milk
Few tsp of water
1pm: 180ml of milk
3 tsp of unsweetened fruit juice (1.5 tsp juice diluted with 1.5 tsp of water)
4pm: 180ml of milk
7pm: 180ml of milk
10pm: 180ml of milk (if needed)

At 7 – 9 months
- Ready for food with different textures and tastes
- Give food first, followed by milk feed
- Ready for two solid feedings a day and advance to three solid feeds by 9 months of age
- Blended home-cooked rice porridge using white or brown rice
7am: 210ml of milk
10am: ½ bowl of infant rice/wheat/mixed cereals mixed with 120ml of milk
Few tsp of water
1pm: ½ bowl of thin porridge mixed with meat and vegie
4tsp of scraped apple
Few tsp of water
4pm: 210ml of milk
½ teething rusk or ½ baby biscuit (if Edison is teething)
7pm: 210ml of milk
1 mashed potato + 1 dsp mashed carrot + 1 dsp of mashed baked fish
Few tsp of water
10pm: 210ml-240ml of milk (if needed)

From 10 months onwards:
- Food need not be blended anymore.
- Give roughly chopped soft foods & finger foods like teething rusks or biscuits and small chunks of well-cooked vegetables or soft fresh fruits i.e. banana, ripe pears, melons and peaches.
7am: 210ml-240ml of milk
10am: 1 slice of bread
120ml of milk (in a cup)
Few sips of water
1pm: ½ -1 bowl of thick porridge mixed with meat and veggie / beancurd
2 dsp of watermelon, cut into small pieces
Few sips of water
4pm: 210ml-240ml of milk
1 teething rusk or 1 baby biscuit
Few sips of water
7pm: ½ -1 bowl of thick porridge mixed with meat and veggie / beancurd
2 dsp of banana
Few sips of water
10pm: 210ml-240ml of milk (if needed)

By 1 year:
- Baby’s food can be adapted from the family meals, no need to cook separately for him

Allergenic foods
- Avoid until 9 months:
Citrus fruits i.e. orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade
Strawberries, raspberries, pineapple
Tomato or tomato sauce
Milk products such as cheese, yogurt, ice-cream
Whole eggs or egg whites
Nuts such as peanut butter
Fish, esp shellfish

Wow! Very comprehensive... Feel so satisfied with this job... :) Good enuf to kick start a new food journey for our Prince Edison :)


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