Edison gets angry?!

Friday, February 29, 2008

I find this very interesting.. Yesterday evening, Daddy picked up Edison from school and drove to my office to pick me.. On the way...

Edison: Want to flip & get out of the car seat...
Daddy: "Edison, pls sit properly & dun move around!"

Edison: "Arghhhh arghhh" Continue to make lots of noise.. And vomitted some milk onto the car seat...
Daddy *angry tone*: "Alamak! Naughty boy! See the mess that you've created!"
Daddy scolded Edison.... And buckle the seat belt on him so that he cannot move..
Edison was angry & started crying...
He turned his face away from Daddy, and was very angry cos Daddy scolded him...
Daddy was happy & continue driving..
Edison covered himself with his blanket & fall asleep... with his face still turned away from Daddy..
This is funnie.. Imagine a 5 months old baby can gets really angry when someone scolded him.. =) Be a good boy Edison!
Ok, enuf chatter... Time to get back to work.. A nice weekend is coming Up!


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