It's TUMMY TIME again!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mummy has been putting me on my tummy occasionally now, so that I can train my push-ups and strengthen my neck muscles. I can push myself UP now.. Woohoo, no more lying flat on the playmat...

These are the pics of my SUCCESS.. Grandma and Uncle were so proud of my achievements.. I can flip from both directions - left and right...

Very soon, you will see me crawling... Yak! Yak! Yak! =)
I have finally turned 5 months old this week... Do you know that we can enjoy a good book even at this age? Dun worry if we are more interested in eating it than reading it... Colourful board books & toys with flashing lights and sounds are our favourites..
Having to know this, Mummy has ordered a LeapFrog LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System from the Oversea Spree for me... This will be my first learning experience and a good starter... Expected to arrive in one months time, Mummy has also ordered 3 books for me...

This is how the Learning System looks like... So ANXIOUS to get mine soon....

Will update everyone on my first learning experience when I get my system.. Be patient, okie? :)


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