Constantly changing...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Babies are constantly changing.. how true! You will be amazed by their fast development.. Little Edison can now flip to his right and to his left.. Every morning, he wakes up on his bed and exercise his flipping! He is a very determined little boy...

Now, he is learning how to crawl.. This will be difficult, boy! He will lie on his stomach and his legs keep kicking to move forward.. like swimming on his bed.. So funnie!
This morning:
Edison: Wakes up, happy happy & start exercising on his bed
Mummy: "Edison, go Ooi Ooi, mummy still want to sleep"

Edison: "ek ek ek, Mum, I'm hungry! Give me milk milk!"
Mummy: "Arghhhh! Ok, boy, wait wait!" *Crawl to the kitchen to make milk*
Edison: "Yippee! My milk milk is here... So hungry!"
Edison: Stomach full, happy happy! "kekeke, thanks Mum!"


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