Edison turns 10 months today

Friday, July 11, 2008

11 July: My little baby turns 10 months today. How quickly time flies. In a blink of an eye, my little Edison is now a BOY... He goes to school, he has his own daily routine, he sleeps on his own, he talks in his own language (which we don't understand!)...

I'm amazed by the rate of his development. The other day, he waved GOODBYE to me when I went to work in the morning. And then he said "Ma Ma" three days ago, giving me a very big surprise.

Edison learnt a new trick. He will stand up without holding onto anything. "Are you freaked out, Mummy??" His longest record is 10 seconds. To add to my surprise, he began 'walking' yesterday.. He held the coffee table and slowly walk around the table..

He looks funny when he stick out his tongue... He likes to blow bubbles with his saliva. Yucky! He has too many funny expressions that make me burst out with laughters...

It was a lovely moment to witness all these developments and milestones of Edison. It is BEAUTIFUL . SWEET . PRECIOUS.


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