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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am busy working on a new project now - making a photo book for my little Edison... Title of this photo book will be "Edison's First Year Memory Book". My intention is to list down all important dates, events and milestones that happened in his first year.

Let me share with you the steps in making a photo book:
1. Download the software at PhotoBook website.
2. Install the software.
3. Print out the instructions and read them up.
4. Choose the book styles that you want.
5. Planning and conceptualizing. Think of what you intend to put in your photobook.
6. Organise them to fit into the 40 pages of the book. You can add more pages if you want.
7. Organise your pictures. Put them into one common folder so that you can upload all the photos into the software.
8. Download some fancy fonts from the internet (if you don't have). Cartoon fonts or decorative fonts are nice to be displayed on the photo book.
9. Finally, START working on your photo book.

Currently, I'm already at page 36. 4 more pages to go this week and I plan to send the book for printing next week. I will take some snapshots to share with you in this blog when I receive my photobook.

A medium portrait softcover photo book with 40 pages costs you only $49.00. Its an innovative way to keep your photos, rather than the conventional way of printing them in 4R and keeping them in photo albums.

I can't comment on the printing quality now, until I get my photo book. Stay tuned for more updates on my book!

PhotoBook Singapore website:
Pricing information:


Maggie said...

Wow! i enjoy reading your blog. You are a fantastic mum! I like your photobook account and I will definitely do this for my little boy!
thanks for sharing! :)

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