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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For the past few nights, I have started home practice with Edison using the flash cards that I bought at Shichida. The first box that I opened was My Fave Genius Cards. I will limit one session to ten minutes this week. At each session, I will increase the number of cards by ten.

I laughed hysterically when I saw Edison’s blur look as he focused on the cards… He must wondering why Mummy keep showing him the cards every night.. What are these cards about? Nothing interesting though.. He chuckled and crawl away… Oh, my boy!

This is one of the effective ways to teach babies and young children. They have unique ability to learn things effortlessly. We should help them to harness their amazing learning capability so that they can easily acquire skills that will enable them to excel in the future.

Child-brain specialists, Glenn Doman and Prof Makoto Shichida, both developed this method of teaching using flash cards.

Ideally, the cards should be A5 size, bearing pictures, words or numbers. This can be physical cards or virtual cards stored in computer and shown as a slide presentation.

Flash cards presentation is good at capturing children’s attention. By doing this religiously, the children’s knowledge and understanding may increase rapidly. However, pls bear in mind that this activity should be carried out when the children is happy and in a relaxed frame of mind.

Shichida Method states that we should flash the cards as rapidly as possible, ideally 0.5 sec to 1 sec per card! By doing so, the information will be absorbed unconsciously by the right brain. For children below the age of 3, it is very easy for the brain to apprehend information in this way.

Another technique is simply reading aloud a word to the children as we flash the cards. We will read aloud a word, followed by a word card or picture card representing the meaning of the word. The advantage here is it teaches children the meaning of words, as well as pronunciations.

I will be attending a home practice session this Thursday, organised by the senior parents from Shichida. They will teach the new parents on the effective ways to conduct home practices.

I will definitely share some tips with you. So, pls check my blog again next week! :)


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