Birthday Cake for Edison

Sunday, August 24, 2008

After a thorough read in the SMH forum, I've came across this bakery called ECreative. At the first glance at their website, I was impressed. Their cakes look fabulous! Many forumers have written good reviews about their cakes and services. Thus, I have decided to give them a try too.

We have shortlisted the following cakes:

1. C0642: Flowers and butterflies design. So simple but yet it brings out the beauty of nature. Quoted from Edison's Godpa: Edison is a gift of nature. A true gem. So, this cake design really suits him.

2. C0590: Nature forest design. Very colourful. The animals look so cute. The flowers and waterfall bring out the beauty of the cake. Quoted from Edison's Godpa: Edison's future pathway would be a colourful and interesting one. He will meet lots of good friends at school to play with. The waterfall shows the cascade of blessings to all who joined him in his birthday celebration. Oh, this is so meaningful!


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