Running out of toys?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YES... I've run out of ideas what to buy and what to rent for Edison... He seems to lost interest in his toys too fast! The other day, our helper was persuading him to play with the new bicycle that I have rented. But he simply 'bo-hiew' her (don't bother about her).

He looked so 'attitude', right? Hehehe...

I just dig out whatever new stuff at home to be his toys... something new that he has never seen before to ease his curiosity!

Look at this! He loves to play with these skincare samples... He sat in my room for half an hour playing with them (without crawling up & down). This is amazing!

Last week, he ransacked the kitchen cabinet. Sat on the kitchen floor and played with the tupperwares for half an hour.

This is my little boy...


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