Edison is 11 months old

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Edison is 11 months, and he has started walking around the house with his walker. Climbing up the stairs seems easy for him now and he does it everyday. When he is on top, he likes to turn back and wave goodbye to us. When he hears the sound of aeroplane, he will point to the sky. When he see us eating, he will quickly come to us. That’s my boy! He is very fast and alert.

Little Edison has always been a good boy:
- he is never grumpy and clingy
- he sleeps 10-12 hours through the night. I consider myself blessed as I have stopped waking up middle of the night to feed since he was 5 months old
- he never cry when he wakes up in the morning
- he is not fussy or picky with food
- he is always so cheerful and has been a darling to everyone at home
- he is ‘sweet-smelling’ from head to toes. We love to kiss him; from his head, his cheeks, his toes and even his armpits! I’m not kidding!
- he sleeps on his own and he doesn’t need any rocking or patting. All I have to do is to put him on his bed, dim the light and switch on the fan/air-con. He will fall asleep within ten mins. And yes, this is really amazing for a young baby like him.

His presence makes me feel important again! With Edison, my life is full of surprises!


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