Finally a routine for little Edison..

Monday, October 15, 2007

One month has passed.. There have been plenty of changes around the house in the last month... Edison has changed from a cute-but-unresponsive baby to an increasingly active and alert tiny person.. For me and my hubby, we have gained more confidence in taking care of Edison..

First month was exhausting.. Waking up in the middle of the night to feed, change nappy, crying spells etc.. Everyday is a challenge to us... After much efforts and hard work, we managed to establish a routine for Edison...

8:00am - Edison usually wakes up around 8am for his first feed.
9:00am - Edison chit-chat with Mummy.
10:00am - Morning nap for ~30mins
11:00am - 2nd feeding
12:00pm - Nap again for ~30mins
12:45pm - Time for a bath for Edison. Mummy will reward Edison with a good curdle if Edison doesn't cry-cry during shower.
1:15pm - Listen to baby music & relax!
1:30pm - 3rd feeding
2:30pm - Afternoon nap (Normally lasted 2 to 2.5 hours)
5:00pm - 4th feeding
6:00pm - Walk walk around the pool & garden (if weather permits)
8:00pm - 5th feeding
8:30pm - Edison goes to sleep between 8pm - 8:30pm. Zzzzz....
12:00am - 6th feeding
3:00am - 7th feeding
6:00am - 8th feeding

One feeding is 100ml. Edison consumes one tin of formula milk (900g) per week!

It is really tiring, but at the same time fulfilling. Looking at Edison & holding him in our arms, we instantly forget about our tiredness.

We are anticipating Edison's first little grin now. This will be our first reward in return for the sleepless nights that we had.


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