Edison's first try on his Fisher-Price Bouncer...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

This is how a 2 months old baby plays:

1 - smiles directly at people, and expects to be given his turn in "conversations"

2 - can locate sound in front of him, but not behind

3 - kicks and waves his arms when he is excited

Our little Edison has achieved above milestones. He had his first try on his Itsy Bitsy Bouncer yesterday. The toy bar on the bouncer features two itsy bitsy spider friends who climb up and down from a rooftop while fun sounds and the nursery rhyme plays. The bouncer has a calming vibration, giving Edison a sense of comfort & relaxation.

This is little Edison, he is amazed by the moving spidey!

Our darling is learning how to stand too! He is enjoying it! Daddy is giving him training everyday. Well done Edison!

"Daddy see! I'm so strong, I can stand now!"


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