Upgrading to V-Power!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

V-Power is designed to deliver high nutrients to maximise brain performance and accelerate growth. Dun be mistaken! I'm not talking about Shell V-Power, but my V-Power milk-milk.

What is my V-Power? -> Dumex Mamex Gold!

Mum wants to change my formula from Dumex Dulac to Mamex Gold. Reason being Mamex Gold has higher percentage of AA and DHA, which are important blocks for brain & eye development. Mamex has a much better milk milleage that will increase my endurance level up to 3 Hours without hot juice. Meanwhile, I'm still eyeing for another much powerful grade which is Enfalac A+ ... That will even boost me to a much higher horsepower. Come'on Daddy, get it for me... Quick!!!
Current specs:
Formula: Dulac
Full tank capacity: 90ml
Consumption: 90ml for every 2.5 hours

New specs:
Formula: Mamex Gold
Full tank capacity: 120ml
Consumption: 120ml for every
3.5 hours


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