Bathing time for Edison!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello... Today I want to talk about my bathing time... I used to hate bathing, I will cry & scream to Volume 9 when grandma bathe me...

Now, after 5 weeks, I slowly learn to enjoy bathing... enjoy the warm water splashing on my body... and the sweet smell on my body after bathing... Mummy always kiss me & say "Edison has a milky smell"... After a bath, all my milky smell will goes away.....

This is ME, all wrapped up, ready to go for a bath! *Wink Wink*

This is my changing mat, Mummy prepared it before my bathing time...

And finally, this is my shower tub! With a superior anti-slip mat... Dun worry, mum! I won't slip!

So, no more tears for me! Mummy, I promise u I won't cry-cry anymore!


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