Received our parcel from JShoppers..

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Our orders from JShoppers have finally arrived last weekend... We're so delighted to receive the parcel...

JShoppers is an online fashion store from Japan... Why we love JShoppers so much? Stylish Japanese design, 100% cotton material, competitive price as well as free international shipping!

These are the clothes that Mummy bought for me.... :)

Nissen STYLE 5-pc set for Boys @ 2190 Yen (~$29.70)

Nissen STYLE 5-pc set for Boys @ 1680 Yen (~$22.80)

Nissen STYLE Sleeveless T-Shirt 4 pack @ 1390 Yen (~$18.80)

Cut & Sewn Denim-Style Pants 2-Pack @ 1390 Yen (~$18.80)

After looking at these clothes, I'm sure you are also tempted to buy yours.. :) So what are you waiting for? Let's go and check out what's in store at JShoppers now...

Enjoy shopping & enjoy dressing up your kids - My mum's motto :)


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