3-Days Excursion with 3 Kids

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was a super busy weekend for me. My mother, my brother, his wife and their 2 children, Jaynie and Jaerone, were in Singapore. We were out on the town for the past 3 days, with the 3 kids – Jaynie (2.5 y/o), Edison (1 y/o) and Jaerone (10 months old). The kids were having lots of fun. For Edison and his cousin Jaerone, it was also their first meet-up!

-Merry-Go-Round Jaynie, Edison and Jaerone



For the first time, Edison rode on a coin-operated kiddie ride. He was extremely excited and happy with the ride. Much to my surprise, he refused to get down after the game! When I carried him down, he yelled and threw his tantrums in the public. I was horrified & embarrassed. Luckily, I managed to calm him by tricking him on another game.

Edison's dad has been against the coin-operated kiddie ride. He doesn’t want Edison to get addicted to the rides and cause embarrassment in the public when he refuses to get down. In my point of view, playing with kiddie rides is part of their growing up. All of us played with them when we were young. As a parent, we need to discipline them during the ride and tell them when to play and when to stop. Eventually, they will listen to us.

This is a very special week for Edison as he has a lot of first times in his life.
1. First time walking outdoor (at shopping centers, garden, park) with his new pair of shoes.
2. First time drinking ice lemon tea with a straw. He has learnt the sucking and blowing reflexes.
3. First time throwing tantrums in the public!
4. First time riding a coin-operated kiddie ride machine
5. First time swimming in an adult pool

Going out with 3 kids is really no joke. It’s not always that they are so synchronized; sleepy, hungry and awake at the same time. If you encounter the worst case scenario, i.e. when first one is sleepy, second one is hungry and third one needs diaper-change, you will be totally lost.

In addition, we took almost 2 hours to get the 3 kids ready before we can leave the house. Every time when I get home, I heave a sigh of relief. It was so tiring, but enjoyable. -Edison will meet up with Jaerone and Jaynie again in November this year during my sister's wedding. -


almond said...

Prince Edison,see ya in November!!
We are going to your aunty Stevie wedding too! :)

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