Obsessed with Rootote Bags!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I received my first Rootote Bag which I bought from a spree in SMH forum yesterday… Oh, I love it so much! I got myself a Medium Luxe Capital Bag. I like their simple design, casual and yet perfect as an everywhere bag. I’m amazed by how much stuff that I can throw into the bag! It is very sturdy too, and I’m planning to get one as Edison’s diaper bag! My current LeSportSac bag looks kinda old now, and its time to get it changed.

I’m just too obsessed with the bags. I ordered another 3 bags from the spree – Medium Luxe Pink Dot, Medium Felt Swan and a Medium Luxe Floral.

(From top left: Capital, Pink Dot, Swan and Floral)

The spree price is only $26! It's simply too irresistable. The bags are direct from Japan. More designs available here:
You can also get them from Rootote Australian website too. But the price is higher. It costs AUD$39, excluding shipping.

The spree in the SMH forum is definitely a better choice! :)


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