My Typical Weekday Schedule

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6:30am: Edison wakes up, bright-eyed and with a bright smile. He will stand up and make a little noise to wake me up. He will take his first milk feed. Most of the time, he can finished 180ml within 5mins!

6:45am: I go for a shower, while Edison takes a short nap after his milk. Usually, he wakes up from his short nap at around 7:30am.

7:30am: My helper will clean up Edison and change his clothes, while I prepare to go to work.

8:00am: Leave home for work.

8:45am: Reach my office, download my more-than-a hundred e-mails while I’m taking my breakfast. Check out my friends’ blogs. Hey, I love reading blogs – peek into someone else’s life and follow-up on their children's growing up.

9:15am: Time to REALLY start working!

12:15pm: Lunch time. Catch up with fellow colleagues for lunch, chit-chat and a good laugh.

1:15pm: Back at work. Freshen up with a cup of coffee. Settle the remaining works for the day.

6:00pm: Happiest hour of the day! Pack my stuff. Go home and smell my boy.

6:30pm: It takes me half an hour (or less) from my office to my parent-in law’s house. After a long day at work, I miss my boy terribly. His smile will instantly energize me. I feel so important again - being a mother to Edison.

7:00pm: Have dinner with my parents-in-law. Spend some quality time with them before we return to our home-sweet-home.

8:30pm: Reach home. Play a little games or flash cards with Edison.

9:00pm: Edison goes to sleep. He is an early sleeper.

9:00pm – 10:30pm: This is my so-called “Prime Time”. I finally have some personal time for myself. Gosh! What I normally do within this 1.5 hours: read the newspaper, go online, read a chapter of my book and sometimes make some flash cards. I don't really watch TV.

10:30pm: Crash into bed. I consider myself blessed as I still have 8 hours of beauty sleep everyday.

Nonetheless, something important is still lacking from my schedule. I have to admit it, I just can’t hide. Lack of exercise, you are right! Extra pounds are piling up now, and I better do something about it. These days, I realized that I’m becoming ‘rounder’ and ‘rounder’!

For a FTWM, juggling between work and family life is so challenging and tiring. On top of this, we still need to find time for our personal upkeep and maintenance. From a woman’s point of view, looking good is just so important. We wouldn’t want to end up like a ‘yellow-face wife’ (huang lian po). I always envy mothers who can manage their family and work so well, and yet still look great and youthful.

I realized that my life has changed dramatically this year. I have many roles to play in my daily life – as a mother, a wife, a daughter, an employee (to my company) and an employer (to my helper). It’s challenging, but rewarding ultimately!


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