A Young Fan of Thomas & Friends

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We bought Edison a set of Thomas & Friends toy as his first birthday present. Last weekend, we finally had the time to open and set it up. Wow, I must admit that it is not an easy task setting up the railways and track. It could be as easy as ABC for a young 5 y/o kid, but not for a 30 y/o mother!
After setting up the tracks, we slowly discovered that the train is actually battery-operated and can move along the tracks on its own! Hehehe... Blame me for being so 'sua ku', cos I really know nuts about this Thomas thing!
Besides the train, there is also a little helicopter that will fly and rotate after being triggered by the train. Edison is totally amazed and he will point his finger at the helicopter everytime it moves.
Here's Edison with his first Thomas & Friends toy set:

Oh boy, don't crawl over the track!


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