Edison is now a ONE year old toddler

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My little Edison is now a ONE year old toddler. I realized how quickly time flies. In a blink of eyes, one year has passed and my boy has blossomed into a cheerful and active little toddler. Looking at these pictures, I remembered how tiny and vulnerable he seems to be when he was born. But now, when I look at him, I can see his smile, his activeness, his inner strength and his love to everyone in the family.

11 Sep 07 – Just Born

11 Sep 08 - One year old

We are absolutely amazed by the rate of his development. Just two days before his first birthday, he proved to us that he can walk independently! This is his biggest accomplishment to-date and we were so delighted with his newfound ability.

He is always so alert and curious about little things that happened around him. His funny expressions never failed to make us laugh. He makes our life so complete and full of surprises. He will always be the NUMBER ONE in my heart.

‘To my Prince Edison, Mummy hopes that you will always be HAPPY and HEALTHY. It’s been a tough, awesome and remarkable year for both of us. Thank you for being such a lovely darling and Mummy knows that you have been a very good boy.’

Before my memory fails, I would like to do a recap of what happened in this eventful year.

Sept 07:
Gave birth to our first baby boy Edison via emergency C-section. An amazing experience to me. Being a first time mother was so nerve-wrecking. My eyes were full of tears when I carried my little baby for the first time. He looked so beautiful than I have imagined.

Oct 07:
First month celebration with family and friends. Everyone was happy with the new addition to our family. I was glad that confinement was over. I felt guilty as I almost broke all the confinement rules!

Nov 07:
Life has never been the same again. Waking up in the wee hours at night to feed isn’t easy at all. We were stressed out and clueless whenever he cried. Found my good friend, Mr. Pacifier! Simply can’t survive without it.

Dec 07:
Returned to workforce. I suffered from severe separation anxiety. Missed my boy every minute and every second when I was at work. Everytime when I sent him to infant care, I blamed myself for not being able to take care of him. It was so heart-wrenching.

Jan 08:
He appeared in a local magazine, modeling Chinese New Year fashion for them. We rushed to the newsstand to get a copy of it the first day it was published. My boy looks so great!

Feb 08:
He knew how to throw his tantrums. He was full of emotions. He turned away from strangers. He can flip in both directions when he was on his stomach.

Mar 08:
This month was tough. He suffered from teething pain and disrupted sleep. Dentinox teething gel was our savior. His first two pearlies finally appeared by end of the month. It was a relief!

Apr 08:
It was a tough decision. We have finally withdrawn him from infant care. Enough of stupid excuses from the infant care! We hired an Indon maid to take care of Edison.

May 08:
His activeness started. He crawled everywhere. He can stand on his own. He babbled a lot. Always cheerful and full of funny expressions.

June 08:
Beauty sleep was back. Edison has totally stopped night feeding. Great feeling! Even without any sleep training, he can sleep on his own without any rocking or patting.

July 08:
He started schooling at Shichida Method. Brand new experience again. Both of us learned and enjoyed a lot from the school. Make new friends as well.

Aug 08:
Getting a bit out of control. He is just too active, and we have a hard time chasing after him. Hide and seek is his favourite game. He will laugh joyfully.

Five important lessons that I’ve learnt this year:
1. Pacifier is a ‘must-have’. I salute to mothers who can make it without it.
2. A good electric breast pump is absolutely necessary.
3. Being a good mother is not just about being able to breastfeed.
4. C-section is not scary and painful after all.
5. No time to go shopping? Online shopping is as good and enjoyable.

I would like to thank all my family members for their continuous support and help during this critical year. A BIG THANK YOU for all of you.


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