December 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Being the last month of the year, December is usually the busiest month for everyone. A month of celebration and festivals; full of parties, happiness, family traditions and get-together.

December is also a popular month for travel. However, this year, we are not going for any year-end holiday. The main reason is because of little Edison. I feel that it’s too difficult to travel with a one year old toddler. Secondly, in this economic downturn, I opt to be a bit more conservative in my spending. So, save money for the rainy days ahead.

I will be off from 20 Dec 08 – 4 Jan 09 due to company shutdown. I’ll make use of these 2 weeks to accomplish something meaningful for myself and my family:

1. Try to exercise (at least!)
It’s not the first time that people think that I’m pregnant again. Sigh. I take it as a compliment; they think that I’m so ‘productive’. Anyway, accepting the fact that I’m really putting on weight now, I should start exercising. For a start, what about 20mins of gym exercise every night?

2. Spend time with my husband
After our first post-baby date in Oct, we both agreed that we should spend more time together as a couple. We still have a long way to go together as husband and wife. We will do our very best to keep our relationship strong and alive.

3. Spring cleaning
I will start doing spring cleaning for my house. Dump those boxes in my store, clean-up the wardrobes, pack-up the old clothes and shoes; and clean the fridge and kitchen cabinets. The last time I cleaned my fridge, I actually found some rotten potatoes! Eeeek! Sounds scary, but it’s true!

4. Make flash cards and music slideshow
I have a new project this month. I want to make flash cards on Alphabets Phonics. Little Edison has started learning phonics in his class, so I should start doing home practice with him. And make one more music slideshow for him – The Bear Party!

5. Organize a Christmas lunch for the family

This will keep me busy running around in December. Going to be another fruitful month, it seems.


Sin Yee said...

hi emily, am wondering. u have many flash cards. stil have time to read books to Edison ?

Edison's Mum said...

Books? Nope.. they are all flash cards... alphabets phonics, but in flash cards format... :)

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