How Life Changed

Thursday, December 11, 2008

People often say that parenting can change us in almost unimaginable ways. It’s true. For me, I don’t keep late nights anymore except for little Edison. I don’t go out without a kid in tow, unless I desperately need some alone time. Everywhere I am, everything that I do, little Edison is always in my mind and priority.

The same goes to my hubby, but to a lesser extent. He still meets up with his friends for drink, play computer games etc. I do understand that a regular dose of ‘personal time’ is important, especially for the men. But I prefer to stay at home and take care of little Edison.

So, what are the changes in ME? Mmmmm, let's see.

I no longer brave the Orchard Rd crowds to shop for latest fashion clothing, cosmetics, perfumes and accessories. In fact, you will see me when there’s a sale at Toys ‘R Us, Mothercare, Pumpkin Patch or the children’s departments at Robinsons or Takashimaya. Toys, children’s clothing, shoes, groceries, books, flash cards etc; they are always in my shopping list!

I’ve also revamped my bookshelf. No more Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts (although they used to be my favorite authors). It is now solely devoted to What to Expect series, Gina Ford’s baby trilogy, Tracy Hogg’s baby whisperer, Annabel Karmel cookbooks and various parenting books.

In terms of dressing, no more tubes, high heels or ear rings for me. I find them not suitable especially when we go out with our toddlers. I'll clad in light clothings and sandals or flats during the weekends.

How life has changed for me! I believe all of us (mothers) will have the same experience as me. We all changed for our kids.


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