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Friday, December 05, 2008

There is really no excuse for the lack of exercise in my weekly routine when:

1. there is a free gym at my place (ok, not really free cos my hubby pays for the management fees).
2. there is a swimming pool that is sparkling clear just below my unit.
3. there is a huge nature park just 3 mins walk from my place – Punggol Park.
4. there is another free gym – at my workplace, complete with staff shower facilities.
5. one year membership at the Amore Fitness (which I already paid!). With free use of their gym and steam bath facilities.
6. tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, cycling track, sauna. They are all here!

Call me a lazy bum! I just can’t get those lazy bones off me. I’m turning into a couch potato pretty soon. Rounder and rounder each day. I can't seem to bother. Sigh.


Huey Ling said...

Alamak, u r not a lazy bum lah. U are dedicating all yr avail time for yr little prince. You are really very hardworking. Did so much flash cards, be it hard or soft copies for yr boy. I think I should be the lazy one.

arisz said...


Why don't you bring Edison for a swim? IT is so convenient. HOw I wish I have that kind of convenience also. *smile*

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,
One word - lazy! Kekeke... anyway, we brought him for swimming couple of times... since sat, we are busy with class and sunday, we usually go out, we don't have much time to swim though..

Hi HL,
If making flash card can burn more calories, then I will be super slim.. kekeke... but too bad, it doesnt..

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