A Toast to My Last Working Day in 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yippee! Today is my last working day for this year. I’ll be officially off from tomorrow till 4 Jan 09. The next two weeks are going to be a well-deserved break for me. My company is shutting down to reduce cost due to the terrible downturn. Nonetheless, I still need to follow-up on some urgent builds and pilot runs. I can't shutdown my mind completely.

Well, it seems like the holiday mode has been turned ON today. I’m seeing lesser people in the canteen and office. I’ve started to receive Christmas presents and chocolates from my colleagues. Now, I’m going to do some clearance & cleaning, throw away unwanted papers, polish my white board, change the calendar and set my out of office notice.

2008 has been a super busy year for me especially the first 4 months where Edison was attending infant care. Back then, I didn’t have a maid. I thought that infant care will be a better option than maid or babysitter. I was totally wrong. The infant care turned out to be a disaster! We made the right choice by withdrawing him from infant care in end April.

We employed a maid to take care of little Edison. People always say that finding a good maid is like striking a lottery. I’ve never strike any lottery before, but I think I’m really lucky to find such a good maid. Niti has been with me for 8 months now and I’m very satisfied with her work performance.

One of the main reasons is because I have a superb mother-in-law. She is the supervisor and trainer for my maid. She provides guidance and help to my maid whenever she need. She treats my maid like part of our family and I can see that my maid respect her a lot too. My father-in-law is a very kind man and he is always there to help us. I’m so grateful to both of them.

On the other hand, I’m grateful to my boss too. When Edison was sick, I took urgent leave to take care of him. My boss has been very understanding and she never rejects my leave application. I have a bunch of helpful colleagues who always help me during my absence. We all work like a team!

2008 has been a tough year, and we managed to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles. Now, come toast with me! Sayonara to 2008 and Welcome 2009!


Anonymous said...

so cool... envious lor. my company only closed for 1 day (26th). only long wkend for me next week.. beta than nothing.
enjoy ur 2 weeks of "vacation" - bondng time with edison!

jenfaith said...

Wow, cool ... enjoy your quality time with Edison!

Edison's Mum said...

Thanks Blue and Sam.... Will definitely enjoy the bonding time with Edison... :)

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